Dallas Zoo’s bonded lion brothers move to Franklin Park Zoo

Six-year-old bonded lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia.

Six-year-old bonded lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia.

Our beloved lion brothers have a new home! Six-year-old Dinari and Kamaia recently moved to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass. Although it was a very difficult farewell for our staff, it’s also an exciting new chapter for these close brothers.

While the Dallas Zoo has a lion breeding program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) African Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP), the boys showed little interest in breeding. Their new AZA-accredited zoo home has no plans to breed them – so the “joined at the hip” brothers will be able to remain together.

Their days ahead include basking in the New England sun on top of the massive rock in the center of their Kalahari Kingdom habitat. Dinari and Kamaia were born at the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kan., on March 7, 2009. They moved to the Dallas Zoo shortly after their first birthday, and quickly became guest and staff favorites.

Through the African Lion SSP, the Dallas Zoo plans to bring in a new breeding male soon to join lionesses (and sisters) Lina and Jasiri in the Giants of the Savanna habitat. So stay tuned for more details!

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