12 Days of Zoo Christmas

If you wanted to get your true love all the gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” you’re probably out of luck: In 2015, everything from 12 drummers drumming to a partridge in a pear tree would set you back more than $34,000!

What’s a true lover to do? Head to the Dallas Zoo during December’s Penguin Days to experience “12 Days of Zoo Christmas” for the bargain cost of a $5 admission ticket (and minus having to feed and clean up after all of those swimming, laying, and calling birds).

Go ahead, sing it! Starting at 12 and counting down to one, make sure you don’t miss:

TWELVE bees-a-buzzing,

Honey Bees

ELEVEN penguins preening,

_MG_3622-Penguin Group-CB

TEN lemurs lounging,

IMG_4174 Ring tailed lemurs CS

NINE mole rats gnawing,

_MG_3442-Naked Mole Rats

EIGHT mambas molting*,

_MG_3683-West African green mamba

SEVEN cranes a-calling,

_MG_5959-Crowned Crane Savanna Flight-CB

SIX goats a-nibbling,

FIVE chimpanzees,

_MG_3518-A quick hug-CB

Four Golden Girls,

IMG_8593 Jenny Gypsy Kamba and Congo Elephant CS

Three warthogs,

Warthogs 2011

Two horny toads,

IMG_2606 Horned Lizard Fingers CS
And a toucan in a SOAR tree!


*Green and black mambas may or may not be molting (commonly called shedding) on any given day

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