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Dallas Zoo opens FREE electric vehicle charging station

Thanks to Schneider Electric, the Dallas Zoo is now providing guests a place to charge their electric vehicles (EV) for free.

Dallas Zoo's new EV charging station charges first electric vehicle.

Dallas Zoo’s new EV charging station charges first electric vehicle.

With the installation of the donated EV charging station by Schneider Electric, we are deepening our commitment to sustainability, which is a core part of our conservation and education mission.

The Dallas Zoo is on the leading edge of green initiatives with massive composting efforts, rainwater collection sites, animal and restaurant gardens and more. These EV charging stations represent another impactful sustainability enterprise, and have met a major guest and member request.

“As a conservation organization, Dallas Zoo is always striving to be more sustainable,” said Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo President and CEO. “We appreciate Schneider Electric’s generous donation to install our first EV charging station as it aligns with our sustainability efforts and allows us to provide more options to all our visitors.”

Schneider Electric’s installation is the latest in an ongoing effort to make EV charging stations more accessible to communities across the country to encourage greater EV adoption.

“As one of the top 10 zoos in the nation, and the largest in Texas, we were excited to do our part to enrich the experience of their many members, guests and children,” said Mike Calise, head of Electric Vehicle Solutions North America, Schneider Electric. “Now LEAFs, Volts, BMWs and Teslas can join the ranks of elephants, giraffes, snakes and zebras within their sustainable 106-acre facility. With nearly a million visitors annually, this is a snapshot of a destination center EV charging trend we are promoting throughout the country.”

The level 2 chargers are located near the Zoo’s marquee entrance… and again, charges are FREE!

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