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All-Zoo baseball squad ready for MLB playoffs

The Texas Rangers begin their quest for the World Series today, and in honor of their great year, we’ve assembled the best-of-the best baseball squad made up of Dallas Zoo residents. (Maybe after they win the Series, we’ll challenge them to a friendly.)

Meet your squad:


Starting Pitchers: Chimpanzees

Old, young, strong, agile, smart. Our chimpanzees have the skills to excel on the mound, honed by hurling coconuts into the rocks to crack them open.


Catcher: African white-backed vulture
With a wingspan exceeding six feet, these birds won’t let any ball by.


First Base: Elephants
At first base, a long reach is a great asset. Our African elephants would use their trunks to snag every ball thrown their way, no matter how erratic its path.

Second Base: Tebogo
Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor sometimes leaps to snag a liner, but that won’t be an issue with our reticulated giraffe Tebogo manning second base. He’s 16 feet tall.


Shortstop: Butter
What our famed reticulated python lacks in height, she makes up in length. Butter is 19 feet long, which is useful for catching ground balls while keeping a tail on second (or even third) base.


 Third Base: Goat
Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is often called a GOAT (greatest of all time) because of his on-field antics. The only antics our goat show off is munching the infield grass until it’s bare.

 _mg_4851 _mg_7154-vulterine-guineafowl

Outfielders: Winspear, Amani & the vulturine guineafowl
Baseball outfielders have to cover a lot of ground in a hurry, so the stars of our cheetah encounter make the perfect squad to roam the outfield. Cheetah Winspear; his black lab buddy, Amani; and the flock of zippy guineafowl will use speed to chase down deep-hit baseballs.


Designated hitter: Obi
Our high-energy mandrill can swing and throw a stick better than anyone else at the Dallas Zoo, making him a perfect designated hitter to drive in baserunners.

 img_3416-4x6-cb-milagre _mg_4572-bobcat-cb _mg_7359-lakai-cougar

Relief Pitchers: Cat row
Our cougars, bobcat and ocelots spend much of their day snoozing, but when they’re called upon (like at dinnertime), these cats can get up and loose in a hurry – just like relief pitchers.


Closer: Gibbon
Rangers closer Sam Dyson visited the Dallas Zoo over the All-Star break and may have found his spirit animal in the gibbons. With long arms and a fuzzy mane like Dyson, we’d put the ball in the hands of our gibbons with a close game on the line in the ninth.

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