Top 10 reasons to go to Zoo camp

School’s winding down and the temps are rising – which means it’s time for Wild Adventures Summer Camp at the Zoo and Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park! Our weeklong and single-day camps run from June 15 to Aug. 15, so check out 10 reasons why your kids (ages 3 through high school) need to be here. If spending a week or day doing amazingly awesome Zoo activities makes you shake your tail feathers, register HERE. 

1. Find answers to tough questions like “Why is a giraffe’s tongue black?” (I Wonder How Camp)

Photo 1_Auggie (800x533)

2. Create special enrichment items for zoo animals. (Various)

Photo 2_Enrichment (800x533)

3. Dinosaurs! DINOSAURS!! (Fun-tastic Fossils, Tiny Paleontologists, Jump Into The Jurassic)

Photo 3_ Dinosaur (578x675)

4. Snack with flying, chirping companions. (Various)

Photo 4_BirdFeeding (533x800)

5. Zookeepers love animals – find out what’s your future could hold. (Careers Camp)

Photo 5_Okapi (533x800)

6. “Hey, look!” Discover and identify local plants. (Texas Born and Bred Camp)

Photo 6_Plants (800x533)

7. Meet scaly, furry, feathery ambassadors from faraway lands. (Single-day Passport Camps)

Photo 7_bird (533x800)

8. Make new bearded friends. (Various)

Photo 8_Lizard (533x800)

9. Solve mysteries of the prehistoric world. (Cretaceous Cases Camp)

Photo 9_Bones (800x533)

10. Get hands-on with something fishy. (Camp H20)

Photo 10_Fishy (800x533)

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