‘Through Their Eyes’: Kids put passion to print with interactive book

Students that worked on the interactive book showed off their creation at the Dallas Zoo.

Students who worked on the interactive book show off their creation during Dallas Zoo’s Endangered Species Weekend this spring.

As if being a seventh-grade student isn’t stressful and busy enough, a group of talented and passionate preteens went above and beyond to complete a unique project for the Dallas Zoo. The students created an interactive book to teach the public about our conservation message. That may seem like a large task for such young kids, but they stepped up to the challenge and exceeded all expectations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.54.16 PMScience students from Coppell Middle School East, Coppell Middle School West and Westlake Academy came up with the idea to create a resource that others would not only enjoy but also learn from. Through Their Eyes tells the stories of eight endangered animals living at the Zoo. The book describes each animal’s habitat, behavior, and adaptations and explains how organizations around the world are trying to protect these animals and increase their presence in the wild.

To present accurate and relevant information, the students teamed up with animal experts locally and globally. They interviewed our zookeepers, talked to students in Thailand to learn more about elephants, video chatted with a penguin rescue group in South Africa and received project feedback from several wildlife conservation organizations.

“The Dallas Zoo does so much that most people don’t know about and I wanted my kids to find out what a great resource the Zoo is and know how much good they do to protect animals around the world,” said Coppell Middle School East science teacher, Jodie Deinhammer.

More than 750 students competed to have their content published in Through Their Eyes. The students came from different schools, cliques and lifestyles but were all bonded by their shared love of wildlife and worked together to create the best possible product.

“We are so proud of the hard work these youth invested in the iBook project. We’re changing the world for wildlife, and we need more partnerships like this. No one brings about change better than youth,” said Dallas Zoo director of Education, Marti Copeland.

Thanks to this group of talented preteens, people all over the world can read about endangered species and learn more about the important role zoos play in preserving wildlife. Click here to download the book on iOS devices.

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