World Lemur Day: Recognizing Madagascar’s iconic primate

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The Dallas Zoo’s lemurs are often the first animals our visitors see (and hear)! There are 110 different species of lemurs that call Madagascar home, but habitat degradation is threatening their existence. On this #WorldLemurDay, we’re introducing you to the three different lemur species that call us home:

Black-and-white ruffed lemurs: This lemur is the largest and sometimes loudest. Lemurs are seasonal breeders and this fall is the first chance our male-and-female duo Iggy and Alina will have to start a family.

Ring-tailed lemurs: These are the easiest to spot because of their white and black striped tails. Our male group of Howie, Leo, Daryl and Leif spend more time on the ground than in the trees above. They LOVE to munch on fruit, often in unison. (Check out our video below for proof!)

Collared lemurs: These arboreal lemurs prefer to spend their time in the trees and blend in quite well. Look in the tree branch crooks and you may see our gal Gigi or her man Pierre snoozing the day away. This pair is extremely bonded, and together, they rule the massive oak tree in the center of the habitat.

Visit to learn more about what you can do to help these endangered animals!

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