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10 reasons why you need to see Giants of the Jurassic

Dino fans UNITE! Giants of the Jurassic is here until Sept. 7 – if you haven’t been yet, we highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and get over here.

For now, we’ll make you envious with 10 reasons why you need to see our dinosaurs.

1. Our photobombing game is strong. Roar.

Photo by Kassi Holsomback

Photo by Kassi Holsomback

2. We occasionally scare children, but promise we don’t mean to. (Makes us giggle inside a little, though.)

Photo by Cori Higgins

Photo by Cori Higgins

3. We spit on you when you least expect it. (You know you enjoy a nice dino saliva cool-down.)


4. Because this kid’s reaction says everything…

5. As punishment, our Dromaeosaurus is on public display for this shameful act. It’s a little something we call “Dino Shaming.” Bad dino.

_MG_9722-Dino on crushed car-Dino Shaming

6. We have baby dinosaurs. Seriously, who doesn’t love babies?

Photo Jun 23, 10 21 54 AM

7. Because we have the best #DallasBig sign EVER. Yep, we said it.

Don't worry, baby giraffe Kipenzi is photoshopped in there.

Don’t worry, baby giraffe Kipenzi is photoshopped in there.

8. We let people sit on top of us for pictures. (Preferably children. We’re not as strong as we look.)

Photo by Airenne Anderson

Photo by Airenne Anderson

9. And then… we eat them.

Photo by Candace Barnes

Photo by Candace Barnes

10. Because we’re dinosaurs and dinosaurs are cool.


An added bonus: If you’re lucky enough, you can get up-close and personal with Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live’s state-of-the-art puppets. Then catch a show on the Cat Green stage. And we know you’re lucky enough.





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